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TPCS is introducing a new product which is an offshoot of our seventy-year-old pine oil concentrated formula known as Loalsan. Our new formula incorporates pine and peppermint oils, remedies which have served our family and predecessors for over 500 years.

Pine Pep is available in a .33 FL. OZ and also, .50 FL. OZ bottle with either a roll-on ball or dropper for dispensing. Pine oil is a colorless steam-distilled solution from Long-Leaf Pine trees with a forest-like fragrance. Peppermint oil is a natural hybrid of water mint and spearmint plants.

Indications for the Nine Most Common Uses of Pine and Peppermint Oils

  1. Alertness and energy: A few drops of Pine Pep under your nose will keep you alert throughout the day.

  2. Blocked nose/congestion: Use a drop or two of Pine Pep around the sinuses. Inhale.

  3. Chest cold: Rub a few drops of Pine Pep on your chest to help break up mucus and open your airways.

  4. Dry skin/rashes/dermatitis: Apply Pine Pep liberally to speed up healing. Pine Pep has antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties.

  5. Indigestion/constipation: Massage the oil into your lower abdomen to relieve pain of indigestion and get things moving again.

  6. Keep bugs away: Mix 10 to 15 drops of Pine Pep with water to create a homemade insect repellent, or dilute Pine Pep on your skin with water.

  7. Motion sickness/nausea: Massage a few drops of Pine Pep into your wrists and abdomen to help combat your nausea.

  8. Odor control: A few drops of Pine Pep diluted with water works wonders on your body, or in kitchen or bathroom areas to mask smelly odors. Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spray to instantly freshen your room.

  9. Sore feet/muscle aches: Massage a few drops onto affected areas will give you much needed relief. A few drops massaged into the skin prior to a hot soak works really well.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Pine Pep is highly concentrated, dilute with water properly before use. Keep away from eyes & mucous membranes. Not for internal use.

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