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Established in 1945.

TPCS offers an exclusive line of natural health care products. Our Founder Dr. John C Thie, D.C. M.D. N.D. had the passion to stay young and healthy. Author and chemist with many books like FOY - Fountain of Youth he researched with a team of doctors from all over to create formulas and exercises. His two siblings Dr. John Thie developed Touch for Health programs. His daughter Alice another author of many books and clinical psychologist renown for her work with patients. Over the years and through many places in the world, TPCS provides products "unequaled" in its effectiveness toward wellness. Our family is happy to continue his tradition of health. We welcome you to benefit from years of experience.

Meet the Business Owner


Dr. Kim Vieira

Business Owner

As a proponent of health and wellness and trained in the arts of holistic nutrition I am blessed to carry on our 75 year old family business. As I am the main quality control officer for good manufacturing practices I look forward to providing the exclusive line of health products for many more years. We support all nutritional health practitioners, pharmacies and health food stores that understand quality and performance.

Dr. Kim Vieira
Business Owner and President
Mila O.
Production Manager
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