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As our atmosphere is becoming much thinner and all types of energy transmissions are surrounding us, we need to take measures of protection. One simple protective nutrient to counter low dose electromagnetic radioactive fallout is in the body's own way if you have the natural reservoir stored of iodine. One of the measures taken after the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster was dispensing iodine to the surrounding citizens. The latest science news reports several solar eruptions emit mass doses of radiation toward earth. Just recently, reports show our airline pilots and crews, receive high doses of radiation. And without protective measures, people in the outdoor sun are suffering from different skin lesions and other health complications like never before.

We have known for years that if the body has a "free iodine" reserve of at least 20 milligrams or more than you are less likely to incur the effects and long term after effects of radioactive poisoning. Please contact us and we will send you a copy of the ALTERNATIVES NEWSLETTER, by Dr. David G. Williams. Dr. Williams gives some interesting news regarding iodine and radiation. The product he mentions specifically is our Iosol. (Formally called Ioaquasol). Iodine-aqua-soluble.


odine is well known to counter attack radioactive poisoning. The product called Iosol is formulated to be an excellent neutral base with a rapid liquid dispersion rate. The release of radioactive particles can be easily absorbed by the human body. One counter measure is to neutralize the absorption rate by adding iodine to store in your system. This product has a half-century of clinical use and is known by doctors as an excellent way to fill the iodine reservoir of the body and restore the electrical metabolism balance.

Iosol can be used without impunity. Depending upon the severity or grade of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, the water-soluble aspect of this formula even allows up to thirty drops a day. Clinical tests show that the thyroid, liver, kidney, breast tissue and sexual organs utilize Iosol in the quantity required by the body, and surplus is excreted.

Be careful not all iodides are alike. Iosol has surpassed toxic potassium or sodium-based iodides because it becomes "free iodine" in the system. If you do not have this product in your practice or medicine cabinet now, you really should!

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