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Topical external use iodine and ammonium iodide. Used as a liquid solution for skin testing and absorption.


The “skin test” is a technique to determine iodine absorption and metabolic deficiency of iodine.  By using either the glass dropper or roll on tip apply a 1" to 2" stain to the skin. Arm, thigh or abdomen. If the stain dissapears within 6 hours or less it is a sign of rapid absorption needed. For more information on PT Skin Iosol, contact TPCS Distributors, Inc.


PT Skin Iosol ½ oz

SKU: 11306
  • PT Skin IOSOL, used by health professionals as an external diagnostic and prophylactic iodine skin test. 


    PT Skin IOSOL is 10% iodine and ammonium iodide, combined and proportioned by a special process making it a water-soluble compound.



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