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Why LOALSAN has been widely used for over 60 years?

LOALSAN (LO-AL-SAN), a refreshing douche concentrate for feminine hygiene, is made from chlorophyll, oil of marjoram, pine and vegetable oils. Proven to be extremely effective, LOALSAN, one of the most economical douches made without harsh chemicals and additives, soothes the body, cleanses the skin and body tissues


Is an effective natural cleanser, the unique feature of LOALSAN is that the pine oil and chlorophyll adheres to the body and soothes naturally.*

It provides cleansing at the end of menstruation and eliminates secretions after intercourse.*

Used for routine feminine hygiene or as directed by your doctor. However, It is not recommended to douche during pregnancy unless directed by your doctor.

This specially formulated concentrate is to be diluted in water so it may provide a natural fresh clean feeling.*

It is easy to used for Feminine Hygiene; simply add 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of LOALSAN to 1 pint of water in a douche bag, using a fresh mixture for reach application.*

Can also be used:

While soaking in the bathtub. For a relaxing and soothing bath, just add up to 5 capfuls of LOALSAN to a warm/hot tub of water]

Or as a colonic to clean lower intestines*

*Our LOALSAN is not a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, nor will it prevent or cure sexually transmitted diseases.

WARNING:  For routine cleansing you should douche no more than twice weekly unless directed by your doctor.



This unique pine oil and chlorophyll formula is both cleansing and healing. LOALSAN provides soothing relief without harmful or strong chemicals while the liquid concentrate stays in contact with areas that need attention.*

Lower Alimentary Sanitation - LOALSAN 1gal

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