Help raise awareness for iodine deficiency and support for TPCS on spreading the word of Iosol.


Let this bold statement t-shirt draw in questions from your friends and family about Iosol. You may even help save someone from an undetected iodine deficiency disorder. All it takes is one major question from onlookers to ask: "What is Iosol?" 


Iosol Iodine Formula II is a water soluble iodine and ammonium iodide dietary supplement. It is non-toxic and contains no potassium iodide. Iosol assists formation of thyroid hormone, helps warm up body temperature, and is a protective nutrient*


It is well known that iodine deficiency is still an on going problem worldwide including the US. Iodine is a MAJOR factor in nutrition. It must be available to humans and animals for the thyroid hormones to be synthesized.*


Available in different sizes from Medium to XX-Large.   



Made and printed in CA, USA. 

Our T-shirts were designed and printed by Supply Theory Screen Printing & Embroidery Design

Keep Calm and Iosol T-Shirt




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