October 30, 2019

Starting with that grand Thanksgiving feast, we eat so much food we are full “’til Ground Hog’s Day!” And after every feast there is bound to be a bounty of leftovers. 

Why not try a hearty, filling, and healthy Bean Soup!

Since beans/legumes cause many people great stom...

March 13, 2019

If you are curious or are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with low thyroid, you may have an iodine deficiency that is affecting your body's metabolism. Your doctor can check on the symptoms of hypothyroid function or even order an iodine deficiency test.  The...

March 8, 2018

TPCS is introducing a new product which is an offshoot of our seventy-year-old pine oil concentrated formula known as Loalsan. Our new formula incorporates pine and peppermint oils, remedies which have served our family and predecessors for over 500 years.

Pine Pep is a...

February 13, 2016

By Daneen Skube

Syndicated columnist

Q. I'm a 46-year old female manager with high job stress. I'm waking up at night sweating and can't get back to sleep. I also find myself intolerant of situations I formerly put up with and blurting out what I really think. Is stress...

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